Sustainability Nurturing Nature,
Cultivating Change

Convinced that the food system is one of the key elements to reconnect us with Nature, Chef Mauro Colagreco is developing a circular gastronomy. A cuisine inspired and created respecting the cycle of Nature. A cuisine which respects the soil and highlights the biodiversity of our different cultures and terroirs.

With CYCLE, Chef Colagreco focuses on respecting Nature and creating an experience that expresses the various cycles of this Nature we are living in every day. Placing the Japanese terroir at the heart of everything, Mauro Colagreco and his team use mostly local ingredients, paying attention to the environment and the connection with local producers.

Preservation of Biodiversity
Nurturing a Zero-Waste Culture in Culinary Practices

Prioritizing sustainability and Japan's heritage, we mainly use local products and strive to revive ancient ones that have been overlooked. By partnering with local producers, artisans, and craftsmen, we ensure the preservation of our rich culture and history. While we support regenerative agriculture to protect our soils, we also focus on safeguarding marine resources. Committed to natural practices, we also grow our own herbs, flowers, and vegetables without chemicals or pesticides, collaborating with local farmers who echo our dedication.

The Regeneration of Soils
Restoring the
Earth’s Vitality
from Ground Up

Regenerative agriculture is a vital part of our conservation and rehabilitation of food and farming systems. It helps in understanding and preserving our soil health, which supports crop yield, water resilience, and nutrient density. Such a concentrated study of our soil can draw down atmospheric carbon dioxide and even help to reverse climate change by rebuilding topsoil to grow food worldwide.

Understanding and Reviewing
Our Consumption Patterns
Empowering Change through Conscious Choices

Here at Cycle, we will continue to work in line with Chef Mauro's activities on sustainability and by minimizing the use of plastic, using products from local producers, considerate use of marine resources and reducing waste. We will continually expand these activities in order to promote a sustainable gastronomy.