Team Masterful Minds
Behind the Flavors

Head Chef Mauro Colagreco

Born in 1976 in Argentina
From his native Argentina to the French Riviera, the journey was passionate. Above all, it was a path strewn with travels, discoveries, ambitions and hard work that led Chef Mauro Colagreco to the pinnacle of his craft. His daring and vision are reflected in his cuisine that transcends the seasons, always with instinct and generosity. With the strong links he has forged with nature, is committed to protect our Earth and develops a Circular Gastronomy in the respect of nature’s cycle. He has been able to break the codes and is working relentlessly to participate in the environmental transition. End of 2022, he has been the first chef nominated UNESCO goodwill ambassador for biodiversity.

Restaurant Mirazur, Owner Chef
Michelin 3 Star
The World 50 Best Restaurants No.1(2019)
The World 50 Best Restaurants "Best of the Best"  (2021)

Chef Yuhei Miyamoto

Born in 1988 in Chiba, Japan
Yuhei Miyamoto who moved early to France, where he dreamed of discovering its culinary culture, grew up with an interest in cooking, influenced by his family from an early age. After graduating from a culinary school in Japan, he traveled to Europe to learn about French and Italian cuisine. He had an unforgettable experience when he dined at the Michelin three-star restaurant in Paris. That was the time when he was determined to move to France one day. When he returned to Japan, he gained experience in French restaurants in Tokyo, learning the basics before moving to France in 2016 to work at a restaurant in Paris. In 2018, he traveled to the south of France to dine at Mirazur, where he had a chance to hand his CV to Chef Mauro.

This led him to join the team at Mirazur, where he worked his way up from apprentice, to chef de partie and then to sous chef. There he discovered and learned how to create a cuisine connected to the living and the cycles of nature. After spending more than 4 years in the Mirazur team, growing up in a cosmopolitan team who achieved with Chef Mauro Colagreco the 3 Michelin stars and the first position in the list The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, Yuhei Miyamoto took the challenge to open with his mentor, Cycle restaurant, in his original country.