A Journey of Taste, Nature, and Passion

"Understanding the delicate relationship between landscapes, hearing the particular music of the seasons and trying to evoke their beauty in a dish, this wonderful work is allowed to us in our profession. Wherever we may be, we are part of a food community, our presence in the world requires interdependence. This is what direct contact with Earth tells us. To have a garden is to experience the permanent transformation and the essential role of interrelation at the service of Life. This attentive look at nature in all its diversity inspires me and is revealed in my dishes. These are simple and solid values that I see as pillars not only for achieving culinary excellence, but also for nurturing our appreciation for the bounty of the Earth. A garden is above all a land of hope"

- Mauro Colagreco

"Through this restaurant and this gastronomic experience, I wanted to re-transcribe this notion of cycle which is so dear to my heart, the beauty of nature which is constantly reborn, these energies which circulate and all these interactions between the elements, which animate me and fascinate me. Through cooking of course, but also through the products that nature offers us, and everything that surrounds us... "

CYCLE by Mauro Colagreco From Seed
to Plate

Cycles of nature, of the evolution of plants and life, of the seasons and the moon, restaurant Cycle evokes an approach characterized by the respect for living things. Everything that nature does, it does in cycles.

"Just as the seed that opens joins the fruit, so the decline sows life and the seasons follow each other with beauty, in an organic movement of circularity."

Everything is cyclical, and we are an integral part of it. As humans, we must respect, continue, protect, extend, to allow it to start again... There are many interacting cycles, symbiotic, directly or indirectly related, of which we are aware, and probably still so many that we are not. Everything is a matter of cycles and interconnections.


Team Masterful Minds
Behind the Flavors

With an illustrious career spanning continents, Chef Mauro Colagreco is a culinary force to be reckoned with. His passion, dedication, and commitment to excellence have earned him numerous accolades, including three Michelin stars and the prestigious title of No. 1 on The World's 50 Best Restaurants' list. At CYCLE, Chef Mauro's innovative and heartfelt cuisine captivates the senses with its vivid colors, bold flavors, and artful presentation.


Sustainability Nurturing Nature,
Cultivating Change

At the core of CYCLE lies a steadfast commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Our philosophy revolves around cultivating fresh vegetables, flowers, and herbs ourselves while sourcing additional food products locally to reduce our carbon footprint. We prioritize suppliers that share our vision for a greener, more sustainable future.

Experience A Symphony of
with Local Products

CYCLE is an ever-developing creative process that puts the earth at the at the center of culinary creation,therefore, making it, as the main source of inspiration. The menu has a seasonal development and tells the story of the life cycle of plants through the creative analysis of its constantly moving stages and elements.

At Cycle, nature dictates the rhythm, listening to it allows us to understand it as a living being and take care of it, through conscious choices and the protection of our environment.

A culinary experience that aims to rehabilitate the thought of recycling and to popularize a sustainable gastronomy with authenticity and generosity; Through 0-waste recipes and the selection of ancient products that have fallen into disuse, CYCLE aims to safeguard local biodiversity and producers by using mostly of our ingredients from Japan, thus contributing to extending the life cycle of products with gastronomic creations.

Dinner Symbiose 
Tapas, 5 Courses, 2 desserts, Mignardises 24,000 yen (tax incl. 26,400)
Inspiration Tapas, 6 Courses, 2 desserts, Mignardises 32,000 yen (tax incl. 35,200)
Lunch Nature Tapas, 3 courses, 1 dessert, Mignardises 15,000 yen (tax incl. 16,500)
Symbiose Tapas, 5 courses, 2 dessert, Mignardises 24,000 yen (tax incl. 26,400)
Inspiration Tapas, 6 courses, 2 desserts, Mignardises 32,000 yen (tax incl. 35,200)
Menus can be changed to vegetarian. Please consult us at the time of reservation.
Drink Opulence Premium wine pairing for perfect marriage with the courses 24,000 yen (tax incl. 26,400)
Fluidité Non-alcoholic pairing consisting of house-made kombucha, infusion and tea to match the courses
12,000 yen (tax incl.13,200)〜
   There will be a water charge per person (tax incl. 1,000)

All prices are in Japanese yen.
10% service charge will be added.